Aroon indicator for investment in hot stocks

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Aroon Indicator is one of the best indicator for longer time frames

It oscillates between 0 to 100

Above 70 – strong trend

Below 30 – weak trend

Chart time frame: Weekly

Aroon Indicator setting: 25 weeks

Bullish signal candle :

  • When Aroon Up crosses Aroon Down from below
  • Volume is higher compared to last weekly candle
  • Aroon up is above 30

This indicator is used for catching stocks that are about to become bullish and in which we can invest for a long term.

The strategy is explained with charts of Bajaj Finserv, Asian Paints and Exide Industries

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  1. Hi dear Sanket, clear cut explanation about the functioning of AROON CROSSOVER. My query is::::
    Why use weekly chart for 25 weeks, and not daily chart for 25 days ?

  2. No , Aroon Indicator works best only on weekly chart only

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