Three States

No, I am not giving you a lecture on science, neither are we going to discuss the solid, liquid and gas state of a matter. This article will be focussed on the different states through which a traders trading journey pass. It is important to know so that the learning…


Trading and Fear

12 March 2006, the day which no cricket lover would like to forget. On this day, a record was made, and in second innings the record was broken. Yes, I am talking about that epic one-day international match played between Australia and South Africa. It was the 5th match of…



On a bright sunny day, a master took all his pupils to a forest famous for wild monkeys. There he took a hollow gourd and inserted sweetened rice in it. Sweetened rice is supposed to be favorite food of monkeys. Then the master chained the gourd to a stake and…

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Money Management

As you will spend more time in the Stock market, you shall realize that money management is the heart of trading. Even a good setup won’t make you profitable if money management is lethargic. We thought of providing the outline for money management for easy reference. A. Novice Traders: Traders…


Trading Goals

Let us start the discussion on this topic with a small story of Martial arts master and his disciples. Once there was a Temple where a Martial arts master used to live with his disciples. Everyday they use to practise their moves. One day the master noticed a disciple struggling…


Trading psychology

Need for alternate stream of income has been constantly adding to the tally of people taking up trading as full time or part time activity. As the number of participants increases, the scenario becomes challenging, not only financially but also the psychological side of the person involved. (more…)


Stop loss, make profit

Most businesses have risk which is uncontrollable. Trading business is an exception to uncontrollable risk, still you get to hear every now and then that some Mr. XYZ incurred losses of some X amount in stock market. We can understand the risk involved in carrying position overnight, as the global factors can affect it. During the live market hours risk is totally manageable if you adhere to rules and do not bring in your ego to play. (more…)