Whatsapp Broadcast for Account Holders under our code


Dear Traders,

We at Stockengineer run a Whatsapp broadcast for our clients. Our clients are people who hold Trading/Demat account under our code with Fyers Securities or Zerodha.

Benefits of having an account under our code:

  1. Well researched calls are provided free of cost. Only Equity calls are provided.
  2. Most calls are Intraday. Sometimes there will be positional calls too.
  3. Good leverage is offered for Intraday trading by both the brokers
  4. We sometimes share the logic behind the trade for learning purpose.
  5. We are always open to support you in your trading journey

If you already have a Zerodha/Fyers Account and still want to be part of Whatsapp broadcast then u got 2 options:

1. Open another account with the broker where you don’t have an account. So if you have Zerodha then open account with Fyers and vice-versa.

2. Open Family members account.

Link for Account opening at Fyers Securities:


Link for Account opening at Zerodha:


PLEASE NOTE: We review the accounts at the end of every month. Only active accounts are carried forward to the next month and dormant accounts are removed. So if you believe in Win-Win situation then only get the account opened.

On the opening of an account, kindly send us your Client ID via Whatsapp on 8879941420.

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