Squeeze breakout strategy – English

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Squeeze breakout strategy is a way in which we can capitalise on stocks moving in narrow range.

All we need is entry and exit levels.

No charts or any technical knowledge is required to trade this strategy.

This strategy can be used for intraday as well as positional.

One needs to look out for a breakout after a squeeze zone has been created.

Watch the video in order to understand what is squeeze zone and what is breakout and how to take trades.

Strategy is explained with an example of Jubilant Foods

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  1. Excellent strategy bro. Nicely explained.
    Thanks for sharing and educating all new traders.
    God bless ur team.

    1. Stockengineer

      Thank you

  2. Hi San,

    Thanks for the knowledge sharing. I am new to stock market and can you please clear my doubts.

    1. if the levels are (Buy / Sell) not activated next day can we wait for it or should ignore the alert?
    2. In today list i saw Engineers india but i am not able to understand as how it will be NR7. all are up and down. How do you select this.


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