Stockengg Team have been doing a wonderful job by educating the traders and keeping things 'Simple'.

I have been using the vwap and the squeeze breakout strategy since past few days and they are easy to understand and apply.

Their prompt reply on any of our enquiries makes us learn faster and better!

Thank you Stockengg, we are Grateful 🙂

Best wishes to the team (Y)

Pooja Surana
Chartered Accountant

Dear StockEngineer,

I have been a trader since 2014, but couldn't make even decent money out of market. It's when I joined your telegram group, changed my life and made me professional trader. You people taught me how to be a disciplined trader thru your regular update in the group.

Your SQUEEZE BREAKOUT STRATEGY is just fantabulous, I can call it as 'StockEngineer's Machine of Minting Money. By this, I have been making an average of Rs. 45k a day. This all credit goes to you people.

I follow religiously what you people explained in your videos, practice and back tests like a hungry lion. Then, obviously mint money.

I pray divinity to give all the happiness and health to reach out highest echelons in your life.

Thanking You Immensely for Changing My Life.

Hearty Regards,


I would like to thank you first for sharing knowledge based on your experience for free and in such a simple manner. I was not keen to join the group initially, but after joining have realized the wealth of information shared. It has been 3-4 weeks into using squeeze breakout strategy along with learning other things. I was initially making a wrong entry in stocks and during the live demo that you had arranged, Dimesh seemed to have realized it and later shared an updated strategy doc in the group. It was really helpful. I have been able to manage my entries and exits well. I now have a plan of action for each day.

Also, the Ichimoku video made is the most comprehensive one for a newbie like me. It helped me understand and also implement it in live trading. I would like to wish you the very best in future and thank you once again for making it easy for people trying to get a foothold in the trading world.

I am tracking all the performances of the trades i make. I will let you know in a month on how the performance has been.