VWAP for intraday trading

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VWAP is a simple day trading strategy where we use previous day’s end of day (EOD) VWAP and current day VWAP

When any instrument is trading above previous day closing VWAP, it is bullish and if it is trading below, it is bearish

Chart time frame: 15 minutes

Buy entry: When instrument crosses high of Bullish 15 min candle which touched and closed above current day VWAP

Sell entry: When instrument crosses Below Low of Bearish 15 min candle which touched and closed below current day VWAP

Target: 30 Points for Nifty, 90 Points for Bank Nifty and 1.5 % stocks

SL: 20 Points for Nifty, 60 Points for Bank Nifty and 1 % stocks

Strategy is explained with the help of Nifty Future chart

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  1. Sir, I have been following this strategy for quite some time in NIFTY and wanted to increase the lot size. Do you have any back test results for this strategy, please share

    1. Stockengineer


  2. sir, please share Bank Nifty Break out Strategy with Charts

  3. Was following u on twitter i am having a fyers account as well lost some money
    Trying to learn more and then start trading again

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