Trading in the stock market was never tough but controlling our emotions will always be tough.  Emotions come into play when decisions are to be taken. In trading, one has to decide the entry point, direction, exits, etc. If so many decisions are to be taken then definitely emotions cannot be controlled. Ichimoku is one such trading system where a trader is completely free from decision making. Ichimoku will give you the entry, direction and exits for all the trades that you take. So no more arguing with the market. Follow this miracle system and we assure you that you shall be profitable.

****Mandatory requirement****

All the attendees to download the Zerodha Varsity app and finish reading Technical analysis module also clear the quiz.****

Link to the app is here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zerodha.varsity

Download Module in PDF format: https://zerodha.com/varsity/module/technical-analysis/


Basic and Intermediate level of training will be provided on 14th December 2019 from 9 AM to 1 PM by @stockengg. It shall cover the following topics:

  1. Ichimoku chart construction
  2. Interpretation of Ichimoku charts
  3. Roles and importance of Ichimoku components
  4. Ichimoku strategies for beginners
  5. Why Ichimoku?

On 25th Jan 2020, from 2 PM to 8 PM Advance techniques of Ichimoku shall be shared by @Sanstocktrader and @Stockengg

Topics to be covered by @Stockengg from 2 PM to 4:30 PM

  1. Multiple time-frame analysis
  2. Ichimoku with Trendlines
  3. Ichimoku strategy in conjunction with the momentum indicator
  4. A thought process on which strategy to look for at what time

Topics to be covered by @Sanstocktrader from 5 PM to 8 PM

  1. Advance Ichimoku strategies
  2. Exact entry, exit and position sizing

Training does not end here. Training program to be successful needs to create an impact on the attendees. So this time we will be assessing the performance of Attendees on discipline, trade searching ability and risk management. An Entire one month will be spent on follow up and impact assessments. Attendees can send us an email with charts and their thought process about the probable trade. We shall go thru each and every mail and provide our inputs.

What to expect: 

  1. In-depth understanding and successful implementation of knowledge
  2. A brotherhood forever – we are just a phone call away

What not to expect:

  1. Holy grail strategy
  2. Trades post-seminar

Who Should Join:

  1. People with a basic understanding of Technical Analysis
  2. Part/full-time traders

Fee structure: 

Rs. 501 – Basic and Intermediate

Rs. 999 – Advance Techniques

Rs. 1500 per person for both

****Please Note: People who have attended Basic and Intermediate webinar will only be allowed to attend the Advance Techniques Webinar****


  1. The webinar recording will be available for viewing unlimited times online for a month
  2. All taxes

To register:

Kindly deposit full amount into the below-mentioned account and WhatsApp the receipt on +91-8879941420

Bank Name: IDBI BANK

Account Holders Name: Vijaya S Patel

Branch: Borivali – Mumbai

Account Type: Savings

Account number: 0059104000200868

IFSC: IBKL0000059

Contact us:

Mobile number: +91-8879941420

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